Saturday, May 8, 2010

Updated "Touch Drummer - Demo" on Market

Just uploaded version 1.1 of Touch Drummer - Demo to the Android Market. I've been working for about 2 weeks just redesigning the code from the ground up, in preparation of new features. It now scales all images properly to any screen. I added two menu options (before it was zero), one makes the drumset take up the whole screen and the other switches the sound set to electronic sounds, but the cymbals stay the same. The animated drummer is gone for now, but he will be back when I get more time to work on it. The input method has been reworked. You can now slide your finger across any drum and it will play whatever you slide over. If you hold on one drum, it will repeat that drum, or alternate between that drum and the bass beat. More features to come. Enjoy!

Monday, May 3, 2010

MMK Programming now has a website!

Hey everyone! I'm making a blog to let you all know a little about the company and the apps that we are working on. First off, MMK Programming is NOT a company, it is just me. I've been taking what I am learning in my computer engineering classes at Oakland University, Michigan, and making games that I know I will enjoy and I hope all who download them can enjoy too.

So far, I posted a game titled "Goonchie Blunch" that had a bad interface with square buttons, and when you pressed the buttons drum sounds were produced. Once I had more time to work on it, I juiced up the visuals, making it look like an actual drumset with a drummer hitting the different drums. I removed "Goonchie Blunch" from the market, mostly due to the odd name I came up with, and named the new one "Matt's Drum Game." I didn't add any new functionality until I started messing around with the touch input. Now I can track when and where the user presses the screen. This led me to add some cool features, such as rapid hitting and even multi-touch on resistive screens, which are the older ones that usually come with a stylus (a little plastic pen). Once again I felt the name of the app was detracting from its raw brilliance, so I renamed this version "Touch Drummer" and put a demo on the market.

Currently, both "Matt's Drum Game" (with regular buttons and no multi-touch) and "Touch Drummer - Demo" (with enhanced touch recognition and multi-touch for resistive screens) are available on the market, both from MMK Programming. The more comments I receive, the more I add to the apps. It's really quite thrilling for me.

To end up this first post, I'm creating this blog so I can have a website linked to my apps where users can send me longer comments and thoughts on my games. That's where you come in. Play the games, find bugs or annoyances in them, and send me a message. Thanks to everyone who is rocking out the drums on their Android phones or devices!